• Plays any Standard MIDI File
  • Works with your MIDI hardware and software
  • Built-in GM-compatible synth
  • Simple drag and drop operation
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MIDIPlayer X will play any MIDI file to your choice of available MIDI outputs, either hardware or software, or to its own built-in GM-compatible virtual synth.

You'll find MIDIPlayer X especially handy since the Mac no longer plays MIDI files from the Finder.

Fast and elegantly simple to use via drag and drop – whether you need to check a single .mid file or audition hundreds, there's no faster easier method than
MIDIPlayer X.

Key Features

MIDIPlayer X has a host of features that give you control over playback, plus some MIDI file editing to customize your song, and it let's you save your edits to a new MIDI file, all with an intuitive ease of use.

  • Rewind and Fast Forward controls
  • Mute and Solo channels
  • Tempo control
  • Counter format
  • Auto Play, Repeat and Advance modes
  • Drag and drop multiple files and folders
  • Audio MIDI Setup shortcut
  • Show in Finder
  • Save As...

Move Freely Through Your Songs

Rewind and fast forward freely throughout your song. Step through one measure at time, or jump to any location with a single click. MIDIPlayer X will chase events to make sure your synth stays in sync with your song.

Select one of three AutoPlay modes to play all your loaded files, repeat the currently selected file, or turn it off for full manual control.

The counter gives a precise song position and you can quickly view either bar : beat or min : sec format. The popup counter is instantly available when you need to find a specific rewind or fast forward location to jump to.

Customize and Save a New MIDI File

Mute or solo individual channels within your MIDI file with a single click. Perfect for learning an individual part within your song, or maybe when you want to mute the melody so you can play or sing it instead.

Change the tempo - the song's entire tempo map moves up or down with your desired setting.

Once customized, save your song as a new MIDI file. Channel mutes and tempo settings will be retained next time your load your new file into MIDIPlayer X.

MIDI Made Easy

MIDIPlayer X works with virtually all commercial MIDI hardware and software. It will locate all available MIDI outputs, both hardware and virtual, so you can select your desired sound source.

Easily switch playback between an external keyboard or sound module, or to other software instruments and apps inside your Mac.

MIDIPlayer X includes its own software synth using Apple's CoreAudio technology. So even if you have no other MIDI hardware or software available on your Mac, you’ll always have a 16-part multitimbral, General MIDI-compatible synth available.

Drag and Drop Simplicity

The quickest way to play MIDI files – simply drag and drop a file, multiple files, or a folder or folders containing MIDI files on to MIDIPlayer X.

MIDIPlayer X will remember your last MIDI destination, and can automatically start playback immediately - eliminating extra clicks or keystrokes.

MIDIPlayer X will display information about the file, including title, tempo, time signature, song position, as well as MIDI channel status and System Exclusive data.


What MIDIPlayer X Users Say

System Requirements

Mac OSX 10.9 or later

File Types

Standard MIDI Files (.mid, .midi)

Read and write types 0 and 1


Title / Filename

Time Signature


MIDI Channels status

System Exclusive status

Counter: bar : beat or min : sec

Progress Indicator

File count

Readable MIDI File (on drag)


Play / Pause

Rewind / Fast Forward


Channel Mute / Solo


Counter format

MIDI Output

AutoPlay Off / Repeat / Advance

Next / Previous File

Show in Finder

Save As...

Audio MIDI Setup


Apple DLSSynth AudioUnit

General MIDI compatible

16 Parts

128 Tones



Powered by Apple's CoreMIDI

Hardware outputs per Audio MIDI Setup studio settings

IAC, Network, and Bluetooth MIDI outputs per Audio MIDI Setup studio settings

Virtual inputs to 3rd party software, if available

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